It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a blowout sale!

So, I have been thinking a lot lately about my yarn dyeing gig I have over on Etsy. I am still totally in love with it, but it seems my time lately has been extremely limited to keep up with it. So, where does this leave me?

I think it's time I face the reality that I need to take a step back from it. Does this mean I am going to stop dyeing yarn and stop selling it on Etsy? Uh, no way. It just means that my time in the yarn dyeing studio is going to be cut back while I focus on things like getting this wedding thing planned and working on some of the new knitting designs I have in my brain.

I'll probably dye once every two months, when I have sock club yarn to dye, and will still take custom requests as time allows.

And, of course everything that is still in stock is available on Etsy. . . .at a very good price.

I have reduced all of my yarns by 20%!!!

So, head on over to my etsy site and enjoy my blowout sale!

Happy shopping and have a great knitastic weekend! :)

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