Carefree KAL - An Update!

Well, I am a little behind on the blogging. I am blaming Snowmageddon 2011. Alex and I woke up Wednesday morning to something like 16 inches of snow. And show drifts that were 5 ft tall! I have never seen anything like it in my lifetime.

We spent Wednesday digging ourselves out. I was actually supposed to try to go to work! (**begin rant: I work for a county in the area. This county closed all the roads and said you could not drive on them unless you had a police escort. Yet this county said that I was supposed to drive my car on their roads to the very middle of the county where the lab is located. This makes no sense whatsoever. ***end rant). I did not go to work but instead spent the afternoon taking a wicked long nap and then knitting a little bit. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday. The rest of the week got all bananas because of things getting canceled and schedules getting rearranged, but things are back to normal now, and this pleases me greatly.

I have worked a bit on my Carefree Shawl:

I am knitting this on Size 2 needles. So, while I have a bunch of the garter stitch done, it doesn't look like much. I think I may do some math to make my Carefree a little bigger. I have something like 600 yards of yarn! We will see. If I do the math, I will definitely be sharing it with everyone in case you would like to make your own bigger Carefree.

So, how's everyone doing on their shawls? A couple of people have shared their progress on their blogs:

  • Nanaknits21 shared her progress in this post here.
  • KristyR posted about the KAL & her progress on her shawl here.
Thanks everyone for knitting along. I have been having a great time chatting with you over in the Ravelry group!


  1. Holy Snow Batman!! O.O That's a lot! Glad you're safe :) Love the color way you're using!

  2. glad to see that you survived the snow! the little guy loved playing in it for 2 days b/c of the school closings and the adults on the block had an impromptu indoor "block party" b/c we were all stranded!

  3. Damn why didn't I read this post before I realized I was going to run out of yarn and need a second ball anyway?! Haha I think a bigger shawl would be too big for me anyway- I like wearing mine as scarves. Just another excuse to make a pair of socks!


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