My Crafty Wedding

I have to be honest. Sometimes I do crafty things that are not knitting. The truth is, I also love to scrapbook. And, while I dream at night of having a knitted wedding, really, that is not practical. But using all that scrapbooking stuff for the wedding? Hell, yeah!

So, while this is a knitting blog (duh), I will probably be posting all my crafty wedding stuff as time goes on.

Here is the project of the last couple weeks:My friend, Kimi, at her wedding, had these little cards on the tables at the reception with little notes about how she knew the people standing up in her wedding with a picture. I really loved that idea, and decided to do my own little scrapbooky twist on it. I also included a few with pictures of just me and Alex, since there will be more tables then there are people in our wedding.

Here are a few closeups.

It's true, the Yarn Harlot will be making an appearance at my wedding. :)

Here is the one of me and my sister (and that's my mom in the middle of the pic on the bottom):
And here is one of the ones I made of me and Alex:
I think these will be a big hit at the wedding! I have plans to do some family things like this too.

So what else is on the wedding craft list?
  • Knit a shawl/scarf for each of the 7 bridesmaids. These are not to wear to the wedding (that would be way to much knitting in navy blue yarn), but just to have. I have completed three, have a fourth that should be finished tomorrow and have started the fifth. Not bad for my wedding still being 8 months away!
  • A wedding Swallowtail shawl for myself. Barely started. May try to pay my friend Jenni in yarn to knit it for me. :)
  • A few more of these scrapbook pages in frames with pictures of our family.
  • I want to makes these Kleenex holder things. They are probably stupid and pointless, but I think they are cute. :)
  • Our guest book. I saw one in a magazine I liked and I went to the website and it was going to cost me $70! Uh, I'll make it for $12 thanks.
I don't think that is too bad.

Happy Crafting!

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