Cause Jenni She Knows Me. . . . .

My knitting BFF, Jenni, was very lucky to go to Vogue Knitting Live in January. She was very nice and brought me home some of my fave yarn, Socks That Rock!

The colorway is Femmebot.

I am so in love with this color combo. It is going to make some awesome socks. I am thinking I may need another pair of Charade socks. This yarn just screams that pattern to me.

I have been very strong in the yarn buying department this year, so it was nice that Jenni is helping to enhance my stash while I am not. What a good egg!

Happy knitting!


  1. Oooooo I'm drooling! I just bought my first skein of STR and then that skein you sent me ... I'm in love and want a whole collection myself!

  2. She is totally a good egg! I love the colorway.


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