A Tale of Two Yarns

I this on a couple of blogs this morning, and I thought it would be fun to play along!

Each day this week I will posting about the topic listed for the day on the website. Today's post: A Tale of Two Yarns.

I have decided to talk about my favorite sock yarn, and one that I was not crazy about. First up, my favorite sock yarn:
Duh. It's Socks That Rock. I love all weights of this yarn. I love that it's tightly spun, and I love the colorways. The only drawback on this yarn for me is I wish the yardarge was a little more. I would knit a lot more shawls with it if it was!

Some other sock yarns I like: Kollage Sockalicious, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and Malabrigo. Yum. Malabrigo.

And, here is a sock yarn I am not so crazy about:

Collinette Jitterbug. I know lots of people like it and I really thought I would too. The colors are amazing and it is also tightly spun. When I first tried it I thought it would become a standby for me, a fav that I would often turn to. I don't know. I just didn't like it that much. Haven't bought some in years. Maybe I should give it another try!

What are your fav and not so fav sock yarns?

Happy knitting. Hope you enjoy all my blogging this week! :)


  1. Just popping in to say "hi" as part of Knit Crochet Blog Week. I have not tried either of these sock yarns. It was nice to read your thoughts.


  2. I feel the same about Jitterbug, I love the colours and how tightly spun it is but the yardage is too short and the colours bleed like crazy so all in all I feel quite meh about it. I'd love to try socks that rock, every project I see in that yarn looks fabulous.

  3. I scored my first skein of Socks that Rock at VKL this year but haven't done anything with it just yet.

    My favorite sock yarn is by far String Theory Caper Sock. That little bit of cashmere makes all the difference!

    Least favorite so far is Aslan Trends Santa Fe. It's a little too thick for me to knit comfortably on a size US 0 (my normal sock needles) so I frogged the almost 2 socks I had made. I also ran out of yarn at the toe...but the 2 skeins will be recycled into something from 101 Sock Yarn One Skein wonders. I think I planned fingerless mitts for them.


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