Mystery Shawl - Clue 1 Progress

I have been loving seeing pics of everyone's shawls in progress over on Ravelry. Everyone is doing really well! I was a little worried that clue number one was going to be a little too much knitting for one week, but it seems to be doable for most people, which is great!

I thought I would share my shawl after Clue #1:

So far so good. I am totally in love with the panel down the center. My math nerd/geometry loving mind just loves it!

How's your shawl progress coming?

Happy knitting! Come back Friday for Clue #2!


  1. Finished with Clue 1 on Sunday. Could. Not. Stop. Knitting. It! Even after seeing the 1st motif, I still wanted to knit only on it. Must be the combo of pattern and Pagewood Yukon. Yummy!!!!

  2. I'm going to finish the last few rows in clue # 1 tonite at my knitting circle. I'm having so much fun and cannot wait for the next clue. Thank you for designing such a fun knit!


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