Yarn Dyeing Day

The other weekend, some of my favorite knitting buddies came over for a little yarn dyeing fun. 

When I was dyeing yarn and selling it on Etsy, I would do it in my basement. But, this particular Sunday it was so beautiful that we took the yarn dyeing out to our back yard. 

Here is a nice in progress shot:

Everyone dyed lots of beautiful colors. I encouraged them all to open Etsy shops. :) Here are the many skeins drying:
Yum. Yum and Yum. Everyone took their skeins home and I can't wait to see how they knit up. Lots of semi-solids in there for shawls and Cookie A socks! Beth dyed some roving too (which is on the bottom left of the pic above). I think it's going to spin up awesome!

I hope to have another yarn dyeing day with my friends soon. We always have such a fantastic time!

Happy knitting (and yarn dyeing)!


  1. I agree- yum! Looks like you had a lot of fun

  2. beautiful! next time I will be sure to take off work to make it!!

  3. It was lots of fun. Hope we can do it again soon.

  4. Wish I were there! But I would bring gloves...

  5. Now that's a class you should be teaching! I'd fly to Chicago for that! I bought up Easter egg dyes to play with some yarn and fiber this summer :o)


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