FO: Wedding Socks

I finally finished the socks that I started the day before our wedding:


Some nice plain ol' cuff down socks. These were the perfect knitting for the days around my wedding, when my brain was mostly fried and could do little except be nervous/freaking out about hosting the biggest party of my life.
These are knit out of STR Lightweight in the FemmeBot colorway. 60sts. US Size 1. Made for some nice, mostly non-pooling socks. 

I was going to keep these socks, but I have a person in mind that they would be better suited for. I think she will love them. 

I have lots more STR in the stash, that has been ignored for some time due to other projects and designs getting in the way. I think I may to dive into the stash and get another pair on the needles for those days when shawl math is a little too much. :)

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