Good-bye 2011. Hello 2012!

I wasn't going to post a 2011 review, but then I started thinking about how 2011 was the best year ever and why not relive a little bit of that, right? :)

Of course, the best thing ever was getting married!
 (from l-r we have my dad, my mom, Alex, me, my sister, my BIL, and my two brothers)

(this is one of my fav photos from our wedding day. thanks, Lindsay!)

There was Sock Summit which was super super fun. I also had my first pattern in a magazine! We finally got the awful wallpaper down in our kitchen and painted in there. I got a book deal! We had some fun with mystery shawls and mystery socks. My full time job at the end of this year has made another turn for the better. Even though my job is getting better, I started making spreadsheets that say things like "exit strategy" and "financial game plan," which means I know I am getting closer to my goal of working for myself. I lost 30lbs (which I have more to go, but 30lbs isn't too shabby)! I completed two 5K races.

Yeah, I can't complain about 2011. And now here we are in 2012. As 12 is my fav number, I figure this year has to be good. Here are some goals I have for this year (knitting and otherwise):

  • Finish my book!
  • Work out my second e-book idea and make that happen
  • Host some good mystery KALs (March is coming, mystery shawl, just sayin')
  • Do four 5K races and complete at least one of them in under 35 minutes
  • Get my craft room/office all pretty
  • Lose another 30lbs! 
  • And, the ever popular, start knitting holiday gifts in June. I have plans for a couple Christmas gifts for next year. 
So, what are your goals? Hope you have a great 2012!

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