My new notions holder

Like many knitters, I am a sucker for anything cute that will hold my knitting crap. And, right before Christmas, I found the cutest little thing ever at Walgreens.

I paid something like $1.49 or something for it. I mean, maybe it will completely fall apart, but for  $1.49 I am willing to take the risk. The little metal closure seems ok to me:

I put some of my stuff in there and it all fits nicely. If I can cram a little tape measure in there I'll be good to go.
Now, you might be thinking, isn't some of that stuff in there from your KnitKit? And the answer would be yes, yes it is. While I love the idea of the KnitKit, I wish there was a bigger compartment to put the extra stuff. Like a tapestry needle or extra stitch markers. So this is my new self-made KnitKit.

And a little Tinkerbell never hurt anyone. :)

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