Yes, I knit on my wedding day.

I know I have posted lots of wedding stuff on the blog lately, but I couldn't resist posting this last set of pics. Our photographer, Lindsay*, made sure to tell me to bring my knitting along on my wedding day. And, since Jenni was in the wedding, I told her she had to bring hers too.


This was one of my favorite parts of the day. It was the perfect little break among all the craziness.

Jenni and I made sure to have knitting with us that coordinated with the wedding colors of pink and navy blue. Jenni is knitting with some yarn I dyed her to match the wedding, and I am knitting with Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR lightweight in the FemmeBot colorway (which Jenni had bought me).
So glad we took the time to get these photos. I mentioned this already on Facebook, but I look forward to looking back on these pics with Jenni when we are knitting away at the nursing home together someday. :)

*Lindsay and her husband, Ken, are seriously the best photographers ever. Hire them for your wedding, family photos, I don't care. They are soooo awesome.

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  1. In my professional life with a photo studio I used to feature "knitting brides" on my personal blog until I stopped going out on wedding day shoots. It was lovely--- but actually 99% of them didn't actually knit but just held mine! :) I LOVE you knitting in your beautiful gown. Does the smile come from the wedding day or the beautiful project? ;)


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