A Last-Minute Trip

Alex and I had a trip to go campling with his parents planned for months. Unfortunately, Alex's parents had to cancel last minute due to work conflicts, and we were left with a week of already approved vacation time from work. We decided to skip the camping and hit the west coast. I had never been to California before, so we picked San Francisco for our trip. It was most excellent.

We of course had to ride on a cable car...
We took that baby all the way to Fishermans Wharf where we saw some sea lions and rode on a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge.
We walked around in Chinatown and the Haight/Ashbury area.
We also went to Artfibers, but I am going to save that for tomorrow's post. Took too many pics and petted too much yarn. It deserves it's own post. :)

Such a good time. If you haven't been to San Francisco...go! And if you live there, I am completely jealous of you.

Happy knitting!

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