So, like I said yesterday, while in San Francisco, I made the trip to Artfibers. I had gotten the recommendation to check it out on Twitter, and I wasn't disappointed.

It's located on the third floor of a building, and I loved that when you step off the elevator you step right into the studio. It was set up like no other shop I have ever seen.

Artfibers makes all its own yarns, so you are truely getting something unique there. Talk about the perfect vacation yarn!

The yarns are all swatched out for you to see. You can also take yarn and swatch it yourself to see what you like. I wondered around for awhile, and then finally decided on 500 yards of Camuse yarn, a camel down/cashmere blend.
I really liked it there. If I ever make it back to San Francisco, you can bet I will be stopping in again.

Happy knitting!

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