It's a Sale...My Way

It's time for another pattern sale! This time, it's the Any Way You Want It Shawl. Now thru April 30th, it's 20% off with the coupon code "myway" at checkout!

20% off with coupon code "myway"

From Ravelry:

I love knitting shawls, but I can never figure out how to wear them. I always end up tying them around by neck and subsequently look like some weird cowgirl wearing a lace bandana. Now that I have discovered short row shawls, I am no longer having this problem. I can easily wear my shawl as a scarf or wrap it around my shoulders. Because the wingspan is typically longer in a short row shawl, I now have lots more shawl wearing option. The Any Way You Want It shawl takes it to another level. With a very long wingspan, this shawl gives me more options than ever before, which is good. The “weird cowgirl look” is generally not accepted here.

Of all the shawls I have knit (and trust me, it's a lot), this is the one that I wear the most. It's so versatile and easy to wear!

Any Way You Want It Shawl
20% off with coupon code "myway"

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