Stitches! The Classes!

I took two classes at Stitches Midwest this year. Both were taught by Myra Wood and booth were amazing.

The first class I took was Crazy as Pi. It was all about pi shawl math and how to design one. I have wanted to try my hand at designing a pi shawl for sometime, but I had a lot of questions. Like do you have to stick exactly to the number of rows you work even? How the heck to you get the pattern to flow when you are increasing like a mad knitter? How much yarn do you need.

Of course, all of these questions were answered in this fabulous class. And at the end of it, I had a cute little swatch showing what I had learned:
I have since started working a new pi shawl design with one of the balls of Twisted Fiber Art gradient yarns that I bought. It is coming out so awesome. I can tell this is about to be my "pi shawl period" in designing. :)

On Sunday I took Creative Crochet Lace Shawl with Myra. I was a little worried I would be in over my head as I have just recently started to seriously crochet, but it went just fine. I'll admit, I am still a little confused about shaping a triangle shawl in crochet and am no where near ready to design and sell a pattern, but it was great to get a taste of crochet shawl design. And, I did manage to crochet a triangle, so that's a win.
Myra brought some of her samples to class. They are so pretty. It's stuff like this that made me want to learn to crochet in the first place:
I highly recommend taking a class from Myra. They both were such great fun and I definitely learned a lot in both of them. Have you taken any good knitting or crochet classes lately?

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