Stitches! The Yarn!

Stitches Midwest was this past weekend. Man, was it a lot of fun. I stayed at the hotel at the convention center to maximize said fun.This year, I went a little crazy with the yarn. I wanted it all. Here is the haul:

I got two balls of the Twisted Fiber Arts gradient dyed merino/silk yarn. I blame my pi shawl class with Myra Wood (more on that later) on this one. These must become pi shawls:

 I picked up some yarn from the Windy Valley Musk Ox booth. Something I have wanted to do for years.

I did a book signing in the Zen Yarn Garden booth on Saturday and did a little damage there as well:
Then there is the new (to me) Fresh From the Cauldron yarn. Everyone was buying this stuff!
 I'll be busy knitting and crocheting with my new yarns for sure. Were you at Stitches? Get anything good?

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