The 15 month socks

When I first learned to knit socks around 2005/2006 I would knit sock after sock after sock each month. I was probably cranking out a pair of socks in a week on average. I went to the first Sock Summit and knit 3 pairs of socks in a long weekend.

Yeah, those days are gone. Now that I design (and what I design is pretty much not socks), I don't knit socks too often these days. They make an appearance here and there at knit night, when I have a design project that requires a little too much attention for gabbing all night with friends. That is why it took me 15 months to complete this plain ol' pair of socks. That is pretty pathetic.

I started these back in May of 2012 while heading to Ohio. I finished them last week after knitting quite a bit on them over Stitches weekend.
The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in the Time Traveler colorway. I had no idea it was Doctor Who themed colors, until Laura pointed it out to me at Stitches! (not yet into Doctor Who, I've been spending a lot of time watching Mad Men and Felicity. Judge me on the Felicity watching if you must). I just bought it because I loved the colors.
I knit these socks toe-up with an afterthought heel. I used every bit of yarn I had. I maybe had 1 yard total left at the end. One ball for each sock. I look forward to the cooler weather coming and finally getting to wear these babies.

Have you been knitting stripey socks lately? What's your favorite self-striping sock yarn?

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