Baby Hats, Baby Hats, Everywhere

We are going through this thing at work where the guys all have pregnant wives. Well, one just had a baby and one has a baby coming. So, I did what I do, and made some baby hats.

I knit an Upside-Down Daisy hat for the baby that already arrived. I obviously knit a ton of these. It's the go-to baby girl pattern at this point. I don't even need the pattern anymore. I think this is the fifth one I have knit.
So, after finishing that one up, I was ready to knit the next hat for my other coworker. He is also expecting a girl. Going against the daisy hat tradition I knit something else. Something dragon-y.
My coworker has a thing for knights and ren faires and D&D. So, it seemed appropriate to make his coming babe a bonnet that will make her look like a wee dragon. I really hope he likes it. I used the Baby Monstaa's Very Scary Bonnet pattern. Because I can't leave a pattern alone (the pattern was perfectly written, I just always end up changing stuff), I made some mods, which you can see here.

Both hats are knit out of my favorite yarn for babies, Knit Picks Comfy Worsted. I had one ball pink, one ball white, and it made both of these hats, with leftovers. That's $6 worth of yarn for two hats, which I think is the right amount to spend on something a baby is going to get projectile vomit on. :)

What are your go-to baby patterns? Knit or crochet, I want to hear about them!

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