As I mentioned in the great catch-up post last week, I knit myself an entire sweater! I had started it back in October, but had to put it on hold for awhile. Once I shipped my book off at the beginning of January, I worked on it non-stop for days until it was done. Hunting back through my Ravelry notebook this is the first sweater I've done in almost 5 years! The last one was this one.

Behold, Dutchess:
Dutchess is from Ysolda's new book, The Rhinebeck Sweater. As soon as I saw the preview of the book, I knew I wanted to knit this sweater. I haven't had a sweater pattern call to me like this ever.

I think it was the chevrons.
The sweater is worked from the bottom up. Then you knit the sleeves, attach them to the body and work the color work chart. I'll admit it, I did get super bored. That's a lot of red stockinette! But, I kept plugging away because I knew the colorwork would be super fun to knit. And it was.
I made a few mods to the patterns. I didn't change to much because the pattern was perfect, but I can't help myself. :) I added an extra inch to the body because I like my sweaters a little longer. I went down two needle sizes for the ribbing at the neck so it wouldn't flare out. That was about it. You can see all my notes on my project page. The yarn I used was Cascade Lana D'Oro. Yummy.

This is the first sweater I've made that fits me well and I actually want to wear. I am challenging myself to knit a couple more sweaters this year. Hopefully they will be as successful as this one!

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