Sweater Obsessed?

Ever since finishing up Dutchess, I have had the urge to knit another sweater. Something for spring. Something like Hitofude (btw, if you click on that link to the Rav pattern page, you are gonna want to knit one. Sorry not sorry).

I thought a lot about what yarn I might want to use. This pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn. That is something I know a thing or two about! My absolute favorite fingering weight yarn to knit with these days is Hazel Knits Divine. Merino, cashmere, and silk. A winning combination. So, I did it. I bought a sweater amount of it. It's so lovely. I knew as soon as it arrived it was the right choice.

I picked the Silhouette colorway. I beautiful light grey color. I will be able to wear this sweater with everything!
So far, I have only gotten as far as knitting a gauge swatch (that I haven't even measured yet). But, hey, it's something. 
I have a pretty huge knitting work project that will be taking up a lot of time over the next month. But, I am hoping to be able to start this cardigan over the weekend and work on it here and there.

I am really enjoying the bigger sweater projects these days. Maybe one day I will figure out how to design one. Probably need to knit a few more first. Like this one, and this one, and this one....

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