Nashville: The Yarn

So, as I mentioned in the last post, there was yarn on my trip to Nashville. How could there not be!? When I go to yarn shop on vacation, I try to get something that I can't get at home or is local to the place I'm visiting. I did good this time.

I got a skein of Spartickes Dyes sock yarn. The colorway is 'Crystal Blue Persuasion.' I love Breaking Bad. I could not resist it.
The dyer is located in Nashville, so it was the perfect vacation yarn. I was all happy with that, but then I found this skein:
Again sock yarn. This one from Unwind Yarn Company, which is located in TN as well. I have a feeling this one is going to be wound up and turning into a shawl in no time.

So, good yarn purchases for me. Yay!

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