New Pattern - Savanna

I'm so excited to tell all of you about my latest pattern. It's Savanna:


Paula at Done Roving Yarns asked me to create a new shawl pattern for her latest yarn - Frolicking Feet Transitions. I had used the yarn for my Danielle shawl in Love of Knitting magazine. I really loved working with it, so I was happy to design another shawl!

This time I used the colorway Spring Meadow. I loved the yarn in the ball, but once I started knitting the shawl, the colors just stood out beautifully.
I designed this shawl so that the variegated portions would contain an eyelet-y pattern while the solid portion would have a larger lace motif. This way the yarn and the pattern don't fight each other. They work together to make a pretty shawl.
With 480 yards in one ball of this yarn, you can get a pretty good sized finished shawl. I am so happy with the way it wears!

I have another design in the works for this yarn. It's been a fun challenge for me to work with this changing yarn!

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