Stitches Ready

Stitches Midwest is this weekend. I am so excited to spend another year there with my friends, taking classes, and having a good time. I'm taking two classes again this year. One with Myra Wood (Crazy Lace Borders and Edgings) and one with Edie Eckman (Around the Corner Crochet Borders). I am border-obsessed, so I think these will both be great classes for me!

I've been trying to plan out my knitting and crochet projects for the upcoming weekend. I haven't made a final decision on something to crochet, but I have decided that my knitting project will be a Moonraker. I was looking for something garter stitch-y, because those are usually good projects for convention knitting. This is my yarn choice:
Gotta stash dive for this project to make room for all the new yarn I plan to acquire this weekend.

If you're at Stitches Midwest this weekend, come say hi! I'll be around all weekend, and I'm doing a book signing on Saturday 8/9 in the Yarn Barn of Kansas booth (Booth 501). I'll be there at 2pm!

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