The Hat Pile, It Grows

Over the last couple of weeks, the hats from my Hat KAL/CAL for Hope have been arriving. I have 42 hats so far, and I know of at least another 18 that are going to show up. It's so incredible. It's why I love knitters and crocheters so so much. So kind and generous. Makes me happy.

Laura gave me 5 crocheted hats.
Rachel and Sharon each sent me 3 hats:
Kandy sent me 7 hats!

Jody sent 2 hats. I love the one on the right. It reminds me of my college days at Loyola. Go Ramblers! :)
Marolee sent me 6 crocheted hats!
And Sally mailed 8 (!!!) hats. She was one busy lady!
It's so amazing what the crafty people can do when we all work together.

Happy hat knitting & crocheting!

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