FO Friday: Honey, Honey Shawl

Crochet has become my new obsession. Anyone who has been to the blog in the last year or so should know that! :) Since knitting has gone from being my hobby to my job, it's nice to have a yarnie thing to do that has nothing to do with my job (for now anyway). The last couple of weeks have been full of crochet shawl stitching. Last week I showed off my Tangiers Wildflowers Shawl, and this week? It's the Honey, Honey Shawl:
I used Twisted Fiber Art Muse yarn in the Phantom colorway. I had a large "Double Evolution" ball, which is 660 yards, which allowed me to make a nice big shawl.
I made a couple of mods to the pattern. First, I added extra repeats of the body chart to the shawl (which the designer mentions in the pattern you can do). Then I added some extra repeats of the first part of the edge chart. The edge chart did not have any increases in it, so I increased a little bit along the shell stitches so that the edge wouldn't get too wonky. I wanted to make sure to use as much of that beautiful yarn as possible.
I love this shawl so much. The lacy crochet, the gradient yarn, a perfect combination if you ask me. I am so happy that I bought a couple more gradient yarns while at Stitches Midwest this year. So many crochet shawl possibilities!

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