I did it! I finally finished my Hitofude! And it only took most of 2014!
I knit this sweater in the lovely Hazel Knits Divine. So yummy! It took almost 4 skeins.
I added an extra 16 rows of lace to the bottom of the cardigan. I'm glad I did. I think it's the perfect length for a nice swingy cardi like this one.
I've been wearing it pretty much everyday since I finished it. It's going to be my new wardrobe staple!

If I ever knit another one, there are a couple things I would change:
  • Cast on fewer stitches for the sleeves to make them a little shorter. 
  • Cut out 1-2 lace repeats in the arms. They are a little looser than I would have liked. 
  • Add the same 16 rows I did with this one. I think the length is perfect!
If you want to see all of my progress photos, I have bunches of them over on the Ravelry project page.

This sweater is like wearing a shawl with sleeves. So if you are like me and like a good lacy shawl to knit I think you will really enjoy this pattern!

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