Friday Favorites: Sock Edition

The weather has definitely turned very fall-ish here in Chicagoland, and has left me needing to bust out the hand-knit socks. Now that I am working from home, I like to open the window in my office a bit to get a little breeze (and it gets really warm in here from the sun beating directly in the window for several hours in the morning), and my feet get so cold. I might be sitting in the computer in a tank top or t-shirt, but the feet? They need the wool. This week, I busted out one of my favorite pairs:
I made these way back in 2008. Back when I was into making all the socks. (I just checked my Ravelry project page....I've only made one pair of socks in the last year, so sad, but I digress).
I love these socks because they are so warm -- knit out of worsted weight yarn. They were my favorite while field sampling in the winter when I was still working at the lab. Kept my feet nice and toasty even when I was knee deep in snow!

These socks are made out of Louet Gems Worsted. They've been washed in the washing machine tons (but never put in the dryer) and they are holding up great! There is the smallest amount of pilling, but with the number of times they have been washed or gotten wet in my work boots, I am quite impressed with their durability. Most of my socks from the great sock knitting obsession of 2007-2009 are long gone, but not these babies. I will be wearing them for years to come!

Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell me about them!

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