Sock-Yarn Shawls II: Cinder

On Monday, I showed you how to do the bind off for this shawl. Now it's time to show you the whole piece. It's Cinder.
This shawl has similar features to lots of the shawls in the first Sock-Yarn Shawls book:
After working the stockinette portion of the body with that traditional triangle shaping, I decided to ditch the center stitch on the lace edging. I've never designed a shawl like that before!
The tiny block-like lace pattern looked like cinder blocks to me and my stitch group. Cinder seemed like a good name for the shawl. This shawl is knit out of one skein of Adorn from Three Irish Girls. One of my favorites to use for both shawls and socks.

Stay tuned for one more week of the small shawls from the book and we'll be ready to move up to the larger shawls!

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Image from Sock Yarn Shawls II by Jen Lucas, Martingale, 2015; used with permission. Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved. 

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