The rights for the Wayfarer shawl have returned to me and it's now available as an individual, self-published pattern from yours truly.

I love this shawl. It was so fun to knit! You knit up each half of the triangle shawl separately and then use ribbon, leather cord, whatever you want, to seam them together at the center.
I've blogged about this shawl a couple other times. You can read all about it here and here.
I think the whole entire Doomsday Knits book is great. The book is still available and you can find it on Ravelry or on Amazon.
I've seen it knit up in a variety of colors and yarns. There are lots of options on how to make this shawl special and unique for you! I love the idea of seaming shawl pieces together. I'm going to have to explore this idea further in coming months. It's so fun and there could be a lot of cool shawl possibilities!

Photo credit: Vivian Aubrey

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