Prairie Yarns

Last week, I was in Fargo visiting my brother, sister-on-law and niece. What a great time! I always love going to Fargo. It's a great town and I had a wonderful visit (and it turned out to be a good week to be there...my brother broke his leg in two places the weekend before so I could drive him around and stuff). I've been to Fargo a few times, but never had time to check out a yarn shop until this most recent trip. It was suggested to me on Twitter that I visit Prairie Yarns, so I decided that was the one to check out.
I had so much fun wandering around the shop. Of course I had to check out the sock yarn selection:
I was excited to see a large amount of Done Roving yarn there. Lots of DK Gradient yarn available for making Beddington shawls!
They even had a small quantity of KnitCircus yarn. Of course I had to pick one to take home with me!
The selection of buttons was impressive:
In the end I came home with these beauties:
I'll be back in Fargo next month for my niece's first birthday. I hope I have time to stop into Prairie Yarns again!

Do you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area? Do you have a favorite shop in the area?

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