WIP Wednesday: Flower Power Edition

I'm declaring baby shower season is now in full swing! I'm making all the baby things for all the babies. Currently I'm working on a Pastel Petals Afghan from Stacey Trock's lovely book, Modern Baby Crochet:
I am having so much fun working on this blanket. It's easy enough that I can watch tv or listen to a book while working on it. A win for me!
I love the double-crochet "flower petal" detail. I can't wait to add the rest of them. And I love the look of single crochet through the back loop.
I've made a couple mods to the pattern, which you can see on my Ravelry project page. The pattern is perfect, but I'm using a thicker yarn for mine so I made a couple changes as a result.
I love this blanket and hope mom and baby will too!

It's Wednesday, what are you working on? :)


  1. It might sleet & snow once every other year here in East Texas. Today is one of those days. So they declared it a "Snow Day" at work & I get to stay home. Have a pot of Texas Chili simmering on the stove & working on my first ever Pi Shawl out of Miss Babs Kathadin.

    1. I love both a nice snow day and some pi shawl knitting. And the chili sounds good too! Hope you had a nice snow day and the roads are safe and clear for you today. :)


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