Sockupied, A Review

When my review copy of the Spring 2015 Issue of Sockupied arrived in my inbox, I was excited. I've long heard about Sockupied and have admired the beautiful sock patterns from afar, but have never actually taken a close look at it. 
I was amazed at the amount of beauty and information that was crammed inside that 36 pages.

The issue contains 5 sock patterns - 3 top-down and 2 toe-up, meaning something for everyone. It starts with an "Eye on Design" feature, where I learned more about Rachel Coopey (Coopknits). I enjoyed that it listed the names of her other Interweave patterns as well as her sock knitting tips. Rachel designed the Laith Socks for this issue of Sockupied:
I loved that the socks were not identical. I also really liked the Chain Socks by Mone Dräger, in the 1 Sock 2 Ways feature:
I still have a large stash of variegated sock yarn, and the Chain Socks will be a great use for that yarn. All the patterns are so amazing in Sockupied, but the Karner Butterfly Socks by Jennifer Raymond might be my favorite:
The construction of these socks is so brilliant. The cuff is worked back and forth, then grafted to form a tube. Stitches are then picked up to work the ribbing on one side and picked up to work with the foot of the sock on the other side. There's not a lot of sock patterns out there with that kind of construction. I also love the texture and the color changes on the leg. Very smart design.

Then there's Kate Atherley's article on knee socks. Kate is definitely an expert when it comes to fit in socks, and her article did not disappoint. She included so much information on how to get the right fit on your knee socks - considerations for ease, measurements and calculations, and getting the ribbing right. It was a fascinating article. I truly think that every sock knitter should read it.

So what's the point of this review? If you like to knit socks, are thinking about knitting socks, or just enjoy learning interesting things about knitting in general, you should get your hands on a copy of this most recent issue of Sockupied! It's available as a PDF, making it easy to read on your tablet or you can just print the pages you need. 

Tomorrow I'll be back with more sock fun - an interview with Jennifer Raymond on her Karner Butterfly Socks. Stay tuned. :)

Disclaimer: I received this issue of Sockupied for free in order to review them. My review is 100% my honest opinion. I did not receive any payment for this review nor did I agree to publish a positive review. You can read my full disclosure policy here

Photos courtesy of Interweave/Harper Point.

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