What I'm Reading/Watching: February 2015

I did pretty good with the book reading/listening again this month!

Once I started Gone Girl, I couldn't put it down. I blasted through the second half of the book in one day. I will definitely be reading more of Gillian Flynn's books in the future. So good.
I also read The Great Gatsby.
Why The Great Gatsby? That's not the typical kind of book I've been reading! A few weeks ago I was cleaning the book shelves in our living room and I was looking at all these books I still have from high school and college. And I'm not even going to lie about it - a lot of them I never read. I was very good at faking my way through the English classes in my academic career. :) Anyway, I decided that this year I would like to read a few that I was assigned and never actually read or finished, along with some of the books that are typically assigned in school but for whatever reason weren't required reading for my classes. I think it will be a fun little challenge!

So, what did I think of Gatsby - 20 years after I was assigned to read it? It was alright. I started to like it when I was about 70% of the way through the book (thank you Kindle book all fancy with your percentages). I'm glad I read it finally, but it's not one I will be reading again. So what's next on "Jen's Required Reading?"  To Kill A Mockingbird. I seriously can't remember if I read this book, was assigned to read this book, or never had to read it. But anyway, whether I read it or not sometime in my youth, I'm reading it now. :)

As for audiobooks, with the solo drive to Fargo last week, I listened to a book on the way there and another book on the way home. It definitely helped pass the time!
I picked The Rosie Project because the audiobook was pretty short (around 8 hours) so I knew I could probably listen to the whole thing in the car. I LOVED it! So much so that I decided that for the drive home I had to listen to the next book in the series, The Rosie Effect. I highly recommend these books. They were sweet and funny and made for easy listening.

I'm doing pretty good on my reading challenge of reading/listening to 50 books in 2015. I'm up to 9 for the year already! What have you been reading? I want to hear about it!

Wonder what I read/watched last month? Check out this blog post.

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