Needle Review: Knitter's Pride Bamboo Deluxe Interchangeables

A couple months ago I was sent some Knitter's Pride Bamboo Deluxe Interchangeable Needles to try. I'll admit, I'm not much of a bamboo knitting person, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this set.
I used them for a secret project for a magazine. And you know what? I really liked them!

Just like I reported with the Trendz needles, the join was perfect and they didn't unscrew once. That is probably the most important thing to me when it comes to interchangeable needles and I'm quite pleased that I had no problems in that department.

Like I said, I don't use bamboo needles a lot. I don't like how many yarns can catch on the wood. They are never pointy enough for me. These Knitter's Pride Bamboo needles seemed to be much smoother. I was using a yarn that should have been catching like crazy on a bamboo needle, and it didn't at all. And while they were not as pointy as I like (I like my needles to be so pointy they could cause bodily harm), they are a little more pointy than other bamboo needles I own. I mean, it's wood you can only get so pointy. :)

This deluxe set comes with 10 tips (US 2.5 up to US 11) and 4 cords. I love that this set has a US 2.5 and US 3 in it. Many sets don't include tips that go that low. As a big-time shawl knitter and someone who knits with a ton of sock yarn, that was a very pleasant surprise.

If you are looking for a bamboo set of interchangeables, I would recommend giving this set a try. They were the best bamboo needles I've used and I look forward to using them again on future projects!

Disclaimer: I received these needles for free in order to review them. My review is 100% my honest opinion. I did not receive any payment for this review nor did I agree to publish a positive review. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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