The last couple of years I've always had something going on the weekend of YarnCon and couldn't attend. Not this time! This year I was able to teach my Lovely Lace Borders class at the event and even had some time for shopping.

I thought the market area was great. Lots of local, indie vendors. You're definitely able to find things here you wouldn't see at a lot of other shows.
I did a little damage on the market floor. You know me, I can't resist the pretties.

First I picked up a couple project bags (because they're kind of like yarn, you can never have too many). I had to have the Blackhawks project bag. And when I found the nerdy bag at Art Institchtute of Chicago I whipped out the debit card faster than you can say, "Lab Nerd."
And then there were the gradients. First stop was Knitcircus. One of my absolute favorites.
I also bought this ball from Mia Bella. I had no idea that the shop was dyeing their own yarn now. I loved this one. I can't wait to see how it knits up!
Teaching my class was also wonderful. I had great students and we had a good time talking about lace borders. I've already blocked off my calendar for YarnCon 2016. I never want to miss this event again.

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