No Knitting, Just Mud

I'm on a deadline and probably should have been knitting this weekend. Instead, there was mud! I participated in the Dirty Girl 5K (my fourth time) with a few of my friends. Here is Team Mudstache before the race:

 I think my face here pretty much sums up my feelings about the mud:
 At the end, nice and dirty!
Then yesterday, Alex and I went on a 5-mile hike near our house - and saw a bald eagle! We couldn't get a photo, but it was very exciting. We had never seen one in Illinois before. We knew that there were some in the area, but getting to see one was pretty cool.

This week, it's back to the knitting grind. I have some mittens to finish (the joys of a knit designer - you have to knit all the wintery things in summer) and a shawl that needs a few more rows. How was your weekend?

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