Blog Interview: Corrina Ferguson

Today I want to talk about my friend Corrina and her new book. I've known Corrina for awhile now. We met online and have been able to hang out at the last couple TNNA conventions. She's a wonderful person and a fantastic designer. When she asked me if I would like a review copy of her new book, Warm Days, Cool Knits, I couldn't pass it up!
Corrina was kind enough to answer a few questions about the book and her process:

Jen: What inspired you to write this book? 
Corrina: For this book I was really inspired by being a knitter in Florida. I lived in Ohio for 30+ years and then I decided to move to Florida and become a knitter. So I wanted things that I could wear in the seasons of the south!

J: You designed so many different and interesting pieces for this book. Do you have a favorite? Why do you love it?
C: My favorite is Bayard - a yoked DK pullover. The Sweet Georgia Superwash DK is super delicious and I really adore the way the lace pattern transitions into the rib. It's one of those did I really make that moments! And the color is just so fall to me. I really miss a proper fall.

 J: Do you have a favorite stitch dictionary or where are your favorite places to find stitch patterns? 
C: I have about 40 stitch dictionaries. The Japanese ones are my favorites, but I'm finding that even the obscure stitch dictionaries are being overused in the shawl/lace world. So I'm really into taking a stitch concept and then making it my own by changing elements. I always have graph paper and pencils with me so I can capture ideas as they come.

J: Can you tell me a little bit about your book writing process (timeline, pattern inspiration, etc.)? 
C: My book writing process is kind of a disaster. The ideas come in all sorts of ways and sometimes I do things out of order, and I really, really need to fix that. I like project monogamy though so I really like to do something from start to finish in one fell swoop. Going back and forth between all the steps is sometimes maddening for me!

J: What are your plans for the future? Anything upcoming you can share with us? Any more books? 
Right now I want to take over the knitting world. Is that too much to ask? Actually my upcoming plans include a podcast or videocast and some PicnicKnits products. I have a fabulous dyer who has offered to dye some custom yarn for me for kits so I'm working on ideas for that. And I am pitching my next book - but that's super secret still!

Thanks, Corrina! I always love to chatting with other designers and learning about their process!

Warm Days, Cool Knits is split up by season - 5 projects for each. The book has a little of everything - shawls, sweaters, tanks, cowls, socks and more! It was hard for me to pick a couple favorites to feature. There's so many great patterns in this book. I really love Mayella, a slipped-stitch asymmetrical shawl:
I'm also really digging the tank on the cover of the book, Leora.
It's written for 5 sizes, and has beautiful lace details. I think I might need one!

One thing I've noticed in Corrina's patterns (whether in this book or the rest of her catalog) is that she has an excellent attention to detail. The way she can come up with awesome stitch patterns and combines them with interesting construction is amazing to me. If you are looking for something fresh and new, then you should check out Corrina's book!

You can find Warm Days, Cool Knits in yarn stores and bookstores now, or you can purchase it online here.

Photos courtesy of Interweave/F+W.

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