Castine Pi Shawl

Happy Monday! You now can get my pi shawl pattern originally seen in Love of Knitting magazine as an individual pattern on Ravelry. I've renamed it from "Pi Shawl" to "Castine."


This shawl uses two balls of Done Roving's Frolicking Feet Transitions. The first ball you knit from the center out and the second ball from the outside in. It makes for some lovely and interesting color transitions.

I love a good pi shawl. You can wear it different ways and it's sure to keep you nice and warm. I've been known to use a pi shawl as a blanket in a pinch too.

My Castine is knit in the Coastal Cruisin' colorway. With lots of Frolicking Feet Transitions colors to choose from, I look forward to seeing a rainbow of Castine shawls popping up on Ravelry soon! :)

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