The One Where the Knitters and Crocheters Make Me Cry

Last year at Stitches Midwest, I donated around 60 hats to Halos of Hope for cancer patients around the country. I was so proud of how the knitters and crocheters came together for a good cause. It gave me all the feelings.

This year at Stitches Midwest, people dropped off hats to Erin.Lane Bags, Buffalo Wool Co., and Sun Valley Fibers for me to donate to the cancer center where my dad was treated. The Interknit Machine Knitters Guild, a local guild that has a booth at Stitches each year, spent some of their weekend making hats for me too. Sandy here helped me in getting everything set up with the booth collection. She also had been picking up hats from different events throughout the year and brought them to Stitches for me.

Hats are still coming from people who live far away and joined up with my hat KAL/CAL on Ravelry.
Today I sat down and took in what we've accomplished so far.
Sunday afternoon, as I drove home Stitches Midwest, I might have shed a tear. The outpouring of love and stitches from people I don't even know is incredible. My dad wanted to be able to give back to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in some way. I'm beyond thrilled that everyone has come together to be able to do that for him. I was trying to get 150 hats. So far, I have this....

Thank you!

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