The Studio Redo - It Begins

I've been working from home now for almost 18 months. My workspace is ok, but has no personality whatsoever. That's about to change!

Over the last couple months I've been planning out my studio/office redecorating project. I've started a Pinterest board and have been thinking about storage solutions and paint colors and all that fun stuff. We are getting new windows in our house next week and once that's done, I'll start on the great studio transformation. I've put in some work so far. Melissa gave me the idea to frame some vintage knitting ads for the wall. I searched around on eBay and found a couple ads that feature yarn/knitting. I kinda love that the "Why do women knit?" ad is an ad for a car. I picked up the frames at a thrift store and spray painted them. I have one more ad to frame, and I'm on the hunt for another frame.
Then the other week at knit/crochet night, I was talking about how I really wanted a lateral file cabinet but they are super pricey to buy new. Laura had an extra one at work and let me have it for free! I failed to take a 'before' picture, but I can tell you that the file cabinet was well-used/loved. :) I cleaned it up and gave it a few coats of spray paint. Looks almost brand-new! So now I have a lateral file cabinet that cost me about $12 in spray paint and $4 in caps for the bottom of the file cabinet.
That's a file cabinet that is in the redecorating budget!

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