Sock-Yarn Accessories Sets

Probably my favorite thing about my new book is the matching sets. My accessories never ever match, so it was fun to design some things that I would like to wear together.

There's Cobblestone, a cowl and fingerless mitt set knit in Shalimar Breathless. Yum.
Here's Forest Walk, a shawl and hat combo. I'm really excited about those hat decreases!

There's also Crossing Paths - my first Fair Isle designs ever. This was definitely a challenge for me, and I'm glad I stuck with it - I love this set!

You can see all the pattern details on Ravelry. I look forward to seeing the projects start to pop on on Ravelry in coming weeks!

Images from Sock-Yarn Accessories, Martingale, 2015; Photos by Brent Kane.

1 comment:

  1. I think Cobblestone is my favourite set and might be made for a teenage niece for Christmas - or for myself in the new year.
    I've really struggled with colourwork. Could you write a post with some colourwork tips? I think improving my colourwork skills will be one of my 2016 goals so I could use some help.


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