If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this photo earlier this year. The start of a new shawl with a pretty sweet working title.
I finished knitting it months ago and last week finally had it ready to publish. I decided to rename it to Aranthera.
 As the days get colder and darker, a pop of color is the perfect thing to cheer me up when I have to venture outside. A great piece for layering, Aranthera is a sideways-knit shawlette that can be easily worked until you run out of yarn. Find a nice, bright skein of sock yarn from the stash and brighten up your winter days!

The shawl start with just six stitches and worked sideways with alternating mesh and stockinette sections. A few rows of garter stitch separates each section adding a little visual interest. If you've knit my Hogmanay shawl and enjoyed it - you'll love this one too. It uses the same construction!


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