Throwback Thursday: Favorite Socks

Since I've been digging out some of old sock WIPs, I thought today's Throwback Thursday should be all about the socks.

I've knit a lot of socks over the years. My current sock knitting involves self-striping yarn and plain stockinette socks. They're perfect for travel and for knit nights. But just a few short years ago, I was into more complicated socks. Here are some of my favorites:

Leyburn Socks (Free Pattern on Ravelry), knit out of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in color Purple Rain. I knit them in 2008 as part of a KAL on Ravelry.
Knitting Like Crazy Blog: Leyburn Socks
Flicker Socks by Cookie A, knit out of (the now discontinued) Louet Gems Pearl. I made them in July of 2007, which was the same time I opened my Ravelry account (anybody else remember having to get on the Ravelry waiting list!?)
Knitting Like Crazy Blog: Flicker Socks
And here are my favorite socks of all time. It's Mingus (also by Cookie A.). I was so sad the day these socks got a hole in them. They are knit out of Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Turquoise colorway. Such beautiful socks. These were knit in the summer of 2008 - in the height of my sock knitting obsession. :)
Knitting Like Crazy Blog: Mingus Socks
Hmm, maybe I need to dig out some of the older patterns and knit them again. I would love another pair of Mingus socks!

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