Design Your Biz: Defining My Brand

Now that I've been working at Jen Lucas Designs full-time for almost two years, I thought I'd start sharing some of my tips, tricks and thoughts about being a professional designer. There's so much information out there when it comes to small business (including specific information to the needlearts industry). I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I've picked up along the way.

Hopefully, it will make your life a little bit easier if you're diving into knit and/or crochet design!

I'll be posting about once a month on this stuff. Don't worry, there's still going to be lots of socks and shawls on the blog (you'll probably get to see some soon, if I ever knit the last few rows on those Green Bay socks)! :)

So welcome to my new blog series....

Today I'd like to talk about defining my brand.

When I first started designing, I had no real idea what I was doing. The one thing that I did know is that I love to knit shawls.

So I started there.

Over time, I was able to build up a pretty good catalog of shawl patterns. I love sneaking other accessories into the mix like cowls, hats and socks, but the majority of the patterns I put out there are shawls.

When it came time to get serious about this as business, it made sense to me to pick a logo that had a shawl in it. I've been using it for years and I still love it!

 Logo was created by Knitterella.

I think the shawl logo (in case you're curious the logo is based off my Wallingford shawl, one of my favorites and most popular patterns) was a smart choice for me. People see my logo and they know 'Hey! That's a shawl designer!'

There's still lots more for me to work on with my branding (hello, I can't bring myself to move my blog from Knitting Like Crazy over to my website. I've been here forever). Every year it gets a little more cohesive, but it's definitely a work in progress.

What's important is if you're not sure how to define your brand, start with the things you love and go from there. You can build upon it as you go!

If you're looking to define your brand, there's some great resources out there. Here are some of my favorites:

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