Yarn Tassel Planner Clip

I'm kind of a planner nerd these days. I also have a lot of yarn. So now I've gone completely over the edge and made myself a clip for my planner made of yarn. :)

This is the easiest less than 5 minute craft ever. If you have a planner, you probably need one of these too!

I started by digging through this:

I picked a bunch of green yarn because it's March. I cut the yarn into 12-inch pieces. I had about 25 in the bunch.

I found myself a kind of big paper clip (also green!).

I took the yarn and looped it through the end all at once. I pulled everything nice and tight.

I cut off several inches of yarn. I wanted my tassel to be pretty small.

Then I stuck it in my planner (I'm currently using a Get To Work Book).
That's it! It turned out pretty cute I think. I'll make another one when I feel like changing colors. It's such a quick project, I could make one every week if I wanted! :)

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