WIP Wednesday: More Socks

While the Packers socks are not quite done yet, I found myself picking up these pretties, which I've been working on for almost a year now. My sock-knitting mojo isn't what it used to be.
They're so pretty and the perfect colors for this month. I'm hoping to have them done to wear on St. Patrick's Day!
The yarn is Knitcircus' Gradient Stripe Set in color Emerald City. Those stripes....I just love them.
I'm knitting the socks until I run out of yarn (the yarn is split into two 50-gram balls that match perfectly). I'm doing a little bit of increasing in the calf area. My feet are so big (Women's US 11) that I can't make these full knee socks, but they'll still be pretty tall.

I've had these on the needles for so long I'm getting excited at the thought of digging through my bin of self-striping yarn to start another pair.

It's WIP Wednesday! What are you working on?

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