Design Your Biz: Online Personality

It's time for another Design Your Biz segment here at Knitting Like Crazy. Today I want to talk a little bit about online personality.
What to share? How much to share? How to portray yourself while sharing it? So many questions go into considering your online personality.

You have to decide what's going to work for you. Everyone has a different take on what they want to share, and that's completely fine. Here's how I've been looking at online personality these days:

My online personality has shifted some over the years. For example, when I first started this blog it was really about what I'm making and what was going on in my life. Now, as I've transitioned into a full-time design and teaching career, the tone of the blog has changed a little bit. While I work hard to keep things fun and light on the blog, I also want to share things that let people know that I know what I'm talking about it when it comes to knitting.

I make occasional tutorials. I share where I'm teaching. I blog about all my new books and patterns.

I want people to think - "Hey! That Jen knows what she's talking about when it comes to knitting! She sure loves yarn!"

While the majority of the things I blog, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and Ravel about are directly related to my business, it's not going to be all business all the time. I'm going to share a picture of the delicious beer I'm drinking on Instagram from time to time. Went to a Barry Manilow concert with my mom? I'm going to tweet about it!

I know that people like seeing a glimpse into my everyday life, and it's fun to share that stuff. But that doesn't mean I have to share everything. I try to think about like "how much would I share with my old coworkers?" So, I'm not going to start tweeting every other tweet about my candidate for President. I'm not going to comment on the vast majority of news articles and events.

I personally feel like sharing those things don't add value to my social media/online personality. So I don't do them.

If you're a designer who loves sharing those things - that's great! Again, everybody has to decide what works for them.

When you get down to it, for me, my online personality is about being true to myself while also being professional (or as professional as possible - it's hard to be totally professional when you're totally fan-girling at a Barry Manilow concert and tweeting about it). :)

I hope you're enjoying my random musings on life as a designer. If you have an online business, I'd love to hear your thoughts on online personality!

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