Last week I released another pattern using Done Roving Yarns' Frolicking Feet Transitions. Say hello to Regolith:

I know how many of you love this shawl shape. It uses the same shaping as some of my other popular patterns:

(from left to right: Saffron, Savanna, and Sparrow)

It really is a great shawl shape! Lots of options on how to wear it, and very easy to adjust the size.

I'm especially tickled with the lace in this new pattern. I love the chevron action and how it affects the color changes in the transitions. Those peaks and valleys are my favorite part of the shawl.

$1.50 off with coupon code 'roadtrip' at checkout thru May 7th.

 I hope you enjoy this new pattern. Happy shawl knitting!

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