It's a new look!

Maybe I am a little behind on knowing that blogger made their features way better, but better late than never!

So, I did some major work to the blog this morning, adding some tabs and things. My old links at the top of the blog were Jen-made (i.e. I spent literally hours trying to figure out how to make them and they didn't even look that good). But now I have pretty little tabs. It's all I've ever wanted on my blog!

Hope you enjoy the new look. I certainly do!

Have lots of knitting to show you this week. Stay tuned. :)


  1. Pretty! Very nice work. :-)

  2. Looks beautiful. Love your summer colors!

  3. Love your new look. I didn't know this was available with Blogger and can't see to find the info. Can you briefly direct me? Thank you.

  4. Wow! Great new look!


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