Retail Therapy

So, the other day, I am minding my own business on Twitter, when I see a new tweet from ZigZagStitches about a knitting witch project bag. Intriuged, I clicked her link. What happened next I don't really know, but yesterday this showed up:
Halloween or not, this is going to easily become one of my fav new project bags. I think it might even beat out the knitting chicken bag (and I thought that would NEVER happen)!

This is my third project bag purchase from ZigZag Stitches. Her stuff is awesome. Seriously, get one of her bags. As soon as possible. They are well-made, ship quickly (they do come from Canada, and I got mine in under a week), and her fabrics are totally unique.

The knitting witch bag totally made up for any kind of bad day I had at work yesterday. :)

Happy knitting!

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